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Gallery of companies

VISTA ALEGRE - Almost 200 year old ceramic company that continues to surprise and delight after almost two centuries of innovation. 

PERPETUA - Modernity meets tradition reflected in highly textured portfolio. 

PORCEL - Founded in 1987, Porcel S.A. is a prestigious brand manufacturer of fine porcelain. Located in the heart of Portugal, Porcel combines handmade tradition and technology innovation to create high-quality, elegant, and creative porcelain products. 

MOVEIS VIRIATO - A fully integrated customs design furniture company, which recently completed the William Vale hotel in Brooklyn, New York. 

TAPECARIAS FERREIRA DE SA - The only handmade rug company in Europe.

MORETEXTILE - This historic textile company trades on innovation and sustainability, for example with their recently launched "EcoHeather" blankets and "Dynamic Color" textiles that change color with heat sensitivity, bringing a whimsical aspect to bed linens.

ADALBERTO ESTAMPADOS - Innovative in design and digital printing process, Adalberto is a leader in the home textiles and owns one of two digital textile presses in the world. Clients include Tory Burch and other US designers. 

MENINA DESIGN - A furniture company marked by craftsmanship and integration of natural elements. 

NAUTILUS - Known for furniture design solutions for the school classrooms of tomorrow. 

HERDMAR - Cutlery created with the finest European craftsmanship. 

ALKYMIST - Traditional Portuguese soaps with modern twists.


Dynamic Color sheets by the MoreTextile Group.