Architecture Elements

Gallery of design firms

BRABBU and DELIGHTFULL - Luxury furniture design marrying modernity to mid-century. Designers of who created the apartment furniture for the lead in "Fifty Shades of Grey". 

RECER - Historic ceramic products with modern designs.

REVIGRES - Known for their "through" color tiles, which provide the whitest whites and the blackest blacks. Used on Estee Lauder showroom floors. 

AMORIM - Known throughout the world for their sustainable cork forests, Amorim produced some of the leading innovations in sustainable flooring.

DIMPOMAR - World leaders in marble and other natural stones. 

FORMAS DE PEDRA - Selling direct from the quarry, they offer a pure marble sun lounger among other luxury items. 

AQUIMAR - Provides unique stones from an Atlantic outcrop, particularly all-natural quartz, marble, and Portugal's famous blue slate. 


Serralves Foundation - As one of Portugal's most successful and consolidated cultural projects, the Serralves Foundation's mission is to raise the awareness and knowledge amongst audiences from different backgrounds and age groups, in relation to contemporary art, architecture and the landscape and key issues facing society at present and in the future. 

Architectural Firms

MODULAR SYSTEM - Modular System interprets needs and ideas and materializes them through one of its specialized teams of architecture, engineering and design. Modular System assumes responsibility for the entire construction project, a “turn-key” service as it is commonly called.
Modular System provides all its customers with fast and efficient personalized attention.  

PAULA SANTOS ARQUITECTURA  - Architecture produce things: buildings and objects to communicate a physical presence. Design is made for construction.  We believe in crafts as much as in technology. A project is an opportunity to think about a place, a city, a building and all the design concern to get beauty, resistance, exceptionality, materia, and function all at the same time. It doesn't matter the scale of the project. Detail is always important. We do it for 20 years with good results.  

CAMILO REBELO ARQUITECTO -  "Our aim is to build an architecture that integrates hyper-context towards an endless commitment."  Camilo Rebelo   

 SPACEWORKERS - Spaceworkers is an award winning architecture office focused on provide taIlor-made solutions to its clients based on their budget and appealing to their sensibility for a new way to face and perceive space in its sensorial dimension. The office has a strong construction detail knowledge and a rigorous design methodology acquired in the past 10 years developing projects of different types and scales. 

PROD ARQUITECTURA & DESIGN - "PROD is a young architecture studio located in the north of Portugal motivated in developing high quality architecture with a fresh and creative approach. The office applies flexible but rigorous design methodologies based on BIM technology and a close contact with clients and building processes.  The built work is defined by a sensitive attitude towards the site, pre-existences and applied materials to reach a coherent and time honored quality.”    

STUDIO CARVALHO ARAÚJO - Carvalho Araújo’s studio is based in Braga (Portugal) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), and develops projects in different fields of architecture, product design and creative direction.  The projects and products Carvalho Araújo pursue elegance and a formal containment attitude, emphasizing some principles that guide the approaches: 1 Principle; 2 Structure / system; 3 Strategy; 4 Continuity / relationship, as a synthesis to achieve design quality, believing that design is no reason for exhibitionism, but rather a perfectly rational and simultaneously poetic act.